Indian Beverages industry's size is Rs. 8000 Crores and it is dominated by two players viz Pepsi & Coke only. This high profile industry has lot of potential for growth as per capita consumption in India is 8 bottles a year as compared to 20 bottles in Sri Lanka, 14 in Pakistan, while 12 bottles a person in Nepal.

The RKJ group is India's leading supplier of retailer brand carbonated and Non-Carbonated soft drinks, with beverage manufacturing facilities in India and Nepal. Its experience in the beverage industry dates back to the sixties when it had the first franchise at Agra.

The group manufactures and markets Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks and Mineral Water under Pepsi brand. The various flavours and sub-brands are Pepsi, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon, Mountain Dew, 7UP, Slice Mango, Slice Orange, Evervess Soda and Aqauafina.

It has the license to supply beverages in the territories of Western U.P., part of M.P., half of Haryana, whole of Rajasthan, Goa, 3 districts of Maharashtra, 9 districts of Karnataka and whole of Nepal. The group has in total 18 bottling plants in India & Nepal and is responsible for producing and marketing 44% of Pepsi requirement in India.