The R K J Group has been associated with excellence in education. It strongly believes that investment in quality care and education for young minds is essential for the future growth and development of our country. The group's foray into the school education is intended to provide exceptional opportunities for the development of the academic abilities of the students. The schools run by the group encourage students to become creative, innovative and imaginative. They have a wide range of co-curricular activities, which are as important as the academic disciplines.

School life merges with a plethora of activities to suit every schedule, talent and interest in the areas like indoor and outdoor games, swimming, art and culture, music and drama, Yoga and martial arts, community service, etc. The school's approach to education has been designed to ensure that the students realise their true potential and grow up to become complete individuals and responsible citizens.

The group's foray into pre-school education is in line with educational projects of the group. "We see no competition because pre-school education is a niche market. There is no specialized way of teaching pre-schoolers here", says Jaipuria. The year 2001 witnessed the further spread of the group's portfolio with the opening of its first school at Gurgaon under the management agreement with Delhi Public School Society. To expand in the field of education it opened its second school at Jaipur under the management of same society.

The Group has entered into a join venture partnership with Modern Montessori International (MMI) Singapore, to open pre-school educational institutions across the country. Forming a new entity, Modern Montessori International (MMI) India in which the Group will have 51 per cent equity stake, the company invests Rs 200-crore investment in the Indian operations in the next five years.

MMI India plans to open four schools by April 2004 and as many as 14 schools by 2005. The company will be opening its first school in Gurgaon. The long-term agenda includes starting 20 schools each year with an investment of Rs 5 crore in each school.